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Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd is a proud Australian company established in 1987. For over 35 years we have grown to become a highly reputable and trusted company. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have built with our clients in the Anodising, Electrolysers, Electroplating, Electrowinning, Rectifier and Variable Auto Transformer Industries.

Our knowledge in this field is at the top level of the electrical /electrochemical industry and we are committed to supplying our clients with the finest equipment available, modern technology, expert service and technical support.

We are exclusive Agents in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea for:

Green Dot Electric Ltd for their Variac Variable Auto Transformers – Dimmer Dot
Plating Electronic GmbH for their DC Power Supplies / Rectifiers.

We sourced the world to evaluate and test the products we wished to promote and sell. These two authoritative companies clearly stood out amongst the rest as being privately run businesses, who are truly passionate and committed to developing their business. They have both proven over the years to be at the forefront of innovation for their high quality, technically advanced products and have grown their businesses into world leaders.

Plating Electronic GmbH have been world leaders in the manufacture of Rectifier / DC Power Supplies
since 1987. Their new headquarters are in the town of Sexau Germany. With over 200 employees working
and developing on solutions for rectifiers for the Electrochemical industry. Plating Electronic has established themselves as a leading global supplier.

Green Dot Electric Limited have been at the forefront of variac / variable transformer technology since 1979. From their new premises in Sahibabad India they carry out their total in house manufacturing of their Dimmer Dot range of toroidal variable auto transformers and Servo Dot Voltage Stabilisers. They have become world leaders in their market.

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Our premises are situated only 20 minutes west from Melbourne CBD. From our modern facilities with workshop area of over 500 square metres we support our vast client base from here and carry out Construction, Testing and Service for our product range.

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