AMP Hour Meters


Amp Hour Meter AHM-804


For the measurement of Ampere Hours or Ampere Minutes, which is the product of Direct Current and Time from Rectifier.

Separate displays for current and Ampere Hours
Shunt calibration programmable up to 9999 A for 75mV
Ampere Hour / Minute selectable
All settings and previous status stored on power failure
Settable limit for Ampere Hours
Dual time relays with individual settable On time
Rear calibration lock to prevent tampering with settings
Front panel with membrane switches

Monitoring of chemical usage for Electroplating
Separate Dual Dosing capability of chemicals
Precious Metal Deposition
Rectifier – turn Off

SpecificationsAmp Hour Meter AHM-804
Power Supply230 VAC 1ph 50 Hz
Signal InputUpper: 4 Digit 7 segment Red LED display for instantaneous current
Lower: 6 Digit 7 segment Red LED display for Ampere Hours / Min 
with 1 Amp divisions or 0.1 Amp divisions with shunt under 1000 Amp
2 Red LEDs to indicate status of the 2 relay contacts
Shunt CalibrationMax. 9999 Amps corresponding to 75mV settable from front panel
Set PointPresettable Up count from 0 – 999999
Accuracy1% +/- 1 digit
Totaliser6 Digit manual reset
Time Relays2 separate Relay contacts with individual On time setting in Mins: Secs
Contact RatingNO – C – NC @ 5 Amps 230V AC
MemorySettings, Ampere Hours and Relay time status, saved in solid state EEPROM
LockBy removing rear jumper to prevent accidental tampering with settings
Dim (mm)804: W: 96 x H: 96 x D: 135|Cut out: 91 x 91 | Weight: 800 grams
Version804: Panel Mount 
804E: 804 mounted in protective enclosure

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