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Flat base DIODES to suit, ODG & Westinghouse rectifiers.

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Dimmer Dot Technology
Dimmer Dot is a variable auto transformer (Variac) which provides continuously adjustable AC voltage. In it’s “Auto transformer” form it is an efficient, reliable method of controlling AC voltage from zero to line voltage by amplitude modulation of the AC waveform. Since the current, power, heat, light and motor speed are further functions of the voltage, the Dimmer Dot Variable Transformer finds its varied use, but is not designed to provide AC mains isolation.

Plating Electronic GmbH (pe)
The latest high frequency pe IGBT SWITCH MODE Plating Rectifiers made in Germany are designed to meet the demands of the modern Electroplating Industry with proven and reliable technology. They offer many advantages over conventional type Rectifiers, especially SCR – Thyristor Controlled.


Green Dot Electric Limited
Green Dot have been at the forefront of variac / variable transformer technology since 1979. From their new premises in Sahibabad India they carry out their total in house manufacturing of their Dimmer Dot range of toroidal variable auto transformers and Servo Dot Voltage Stabilisers. They have become world leaders in their market.
Energy Efficient
Australian Rectifiers supports green energy initiatives to lower power consumption while maintaining high & controlled outputs.

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