Anodising Colouring Power Supply / Rectifier


Energy Efficient

Plating Electronic GmbH, ANODISING COLOUR Rectifiers gives the operator piece of mind, colour reliability, greater productivity and energy saving switchmode Power Supply technology. The pe87DW COLOUR POWER PULSE Rectifier is controlled by the operator friendly Control Unit pe8705 to give the complete solution and colour.

pe ANODISING COLOUR, ensures optimal colouring results for these processes:
– Electrolytic colouring of aluminium in the two-step process: AC or DC/AC method.
– Modification of pore structure for interference colouring of aluminium.

The pe8705 Controller is equipped with universal AC sinusoidal frequency and amplitude modification. This increases system efficiency and optimises your energy management.

What makes our colouring rectifiers stand out

Process dark colours up to 35% quicker than conventional power supplies Process lighter colours with exact batch colour matching repeatable.

You define the colour and the process time!

e.g. EURAS black (with normal concentration/metallic salt) in approx. 6 min
Light colours:
Lengthen short colouring times
Higher process reliability
Dark colours:
Shorten long colouring times
Energy saving, productivity increase


Anodising Colour Rectifier
up to 3,400 Amps
22 Volts (standard)
Higher Current achievable by connecting several units in parallel
Cooling: Water
W H D (mm) 800 x 2200 x 600
Weight 400 Kg approx.

  • Other models available – output current 50A to 10,000A

PE 8705

Remote Controller to suit Anodising Colour Rectifier
Large LCD display with acid resistant membrane keyboard
99 voltage/time colouring programs
Process with indication of program steps and time for – End of Colouring.

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