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Energy Efficient
The PE Series of DC Rectifiers by Plating Electronic are controlled by their own designed digital programmable control unit pe280. This control unit offers both Manual control and (optional) Automatic control of your pe rectifier / DC power supply. The better the pe rectifier and the pe control unit harmonised together, the better the performance of the entire system. This is why plating electronic perfectly matches the pe control unit to the pe rectifier. This ensures optimal control of the rectifier and ensures through individual settings the complete control of your processes. You can individually match the pe control unit to your process through numerous optional functions.


Designed for use in  Anodising, Electroplating and Electrowinning environment
Remote or Local control of Rectifiers
Large Digital LCD illuminated 3 Line 4 digit display with digital keypad for easy operation
Current and Voltage adjustable by UP / DOWN buttons
Current and Voltage presettable
Amp Hour Meter (sec / min / hour) – Totaliser only
3 programmable relays for feedback or in combination with functions
Software update by PC via RS232 flash system
Ambient Temperature max 40 Deg C
Protection grade: IP54
Polycarbonate (ABS) casing and polycarbonate coated aluminium front panel
Language: English, German, French and many others
Data cable length standard 5m (up to 20m in 5m steps, on request)
DC power supply interface: analogue, peRB interface
Digital control signals peRB – Galvanically isolated
Supply voltage: 230 VAC or 24 VDC for flush panel mount version
Temperature monitoring and automatic conductance for Anodising baths

Optional Functions:
Ampere Hour Meter with preset counter, dosage counter for automatic activation of dosing pump
Start and Finish Ramp or Chopper Timer
Timer for ON / OFF function and Alarm output
High-Low Voltage / High-Low Current monitoring with Warning/Alarm
Operating Hours run counter
Chopper timer for ON/OFF pulsing up to 50Hz (pulse-capable rectifier type requested)
Control ON via Volt free external contact with indication Alarm
Manual / Timer control for Output Polarity Reverse Changer
Multifunction Timer for DC-Step programming (16 individual steps)
(Multi Timer not possible with some other options)

Automatic Control via:
Customers own Computer / PLC
RS485, PROFIBUS, TCP/IP (others on request)
Or via:
Analogue signals with integrated Isolation Amplifier.
Typical signals 0-10V, 4-20mA (others on request)
Manual Control via:
by Operator, pe280 Digital keypads

pe280 Remote

Programmable control unit
Wall mount positioned up to 20m from rectifier
Complete with cable and plug in RJ45 connector
W H D (mm): 240 x 170 x 85
Weight 1.3 Kg

pe280-FP Flush Panel Mount

Programmable control unit
Ideal for mounting in Customers own separate control console or cabinet
pe5000 series – local control with pe280-FP  mounted on rectifier door panel (optional)
Complete with RJ45 patch connection cable
W H D (mm): 220 x 170 x 160
Weight 1.3 Kg

pe8705 Remote - for Anodising Rectifier

Programmable control unit for pe Anodising Colour Rectifier
pe8705 controller is equipped with universal AC Voltage sinusoidal frequency and amplitude function
You can define the colour time and colour shades
WHD (mm): 370 x 340 x 170
Weight: 5.5 Kg

pe8005 Remote - for Pulse-Reverse Rectifier

Programmable control unit for pe Pulse-Reverse Rectifier
pe8005 controls from 1 – 16 Outputs
Complex waveforms – up to 16 steps
RS485 Bus interface
(Optional Profibus, TCP/IP, Modbus)
Parameters individually adjustable during operation
Graphical visualization of Set-Values and real-time actual values curves

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