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Servo Dot is a highly reliable and efficient automatic AC Voltage Stabiliser which provides a continuous regulated AC output voltage even with a wide variation in input supply voltage. Available in single phase 230V / 240V and three phase 400V / 415V with capacities ranging from 2kVA up to 2000kVA. The Servo Dot consists of a motor driven variable auto transformer – Dimmer Dot, buck-boost transformer and a solid state electronic control unit.


Features of AC Voltage Stabilisers

Very good Power Factor
Maintains Sine Wave Purity
High efficiency, better than 96%
High accuracy of +/- 1%

Optional Extras

Low and high input voltage alarms

Applications AC Voltage Stabilisers

Long time tests of electrical equipment
Power supplies in computer, communication equipment, medical equipment,
precision measuring instruments, CNC machines, etc.
Aging tests in chemical processes, light bulbs, vacuum tubes and gas tubes

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