Conventional Rectifiers


Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd manufacture the older traditional bulky designed rectifiers controlled by either SCR – Thyristor or Dimmer Dot for Electroplating – Electrowinning – Water Treatment

In our Rectifiers we only use “Copper” Winding Transformers for better efficiency. In our medium to high capacity Rectifiers, Water Cooled “Copper” Busbars are used for Diode – Rectification mounting and cooling, to enable smaller construction and long life reliability. Our Rectifiers can be situated against walls as rear access is not required. Hinged doors are used on the front of our units for easy access. Variable Output Voltage – Current is obtained by a SCR – THYRISTOR Controller or DIMMER DOT Controller. Using a Dimmer Dot on three phase units inherently ensures minimal Output Ripple and Lower Electricity Demand, unlike SCR – Thyristor rectifiers. Free standing separate oil immersed Dimmer Dots (see Variable Auto Transformer section) are available with Rectifiers higher than 15 Kw capacity for Long Life Protection.

Standard Features

Manual Voltage – Current Control
Local Control with analogue meters

Options Available

Constant Voltage or Constant Current
Remote Control
Digital Metering
Manual / Automatic periodic polarity Output Reversal
Ramp up facility
Control via Programmable Logic Controller or Computer
Amp Hour – Minute Meters
Choke filters for lower ripple

pe IGBT Switchmode Rectifiers Designed to meet the demands of the modern electro chemical industry, ideally suited for the Anodising, Electroplating, Electrowinning and Water Treatment Industries.


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