Pulse Reverse Power Supply


Energy Efficient

With our Plating Electronic GmbH POWER PULSE REVERSE power supply, you can match the current curves and voltage sequences ideally to your applications This allows the process sequence and the coating characteristics of the finished workpiece to be controlled in a manner that is not possible with conventional power supplies. This extremely high control accuracy and rapid switching times ensure an optimal pulse, peak precision and long-term reproducibility. Plating Electronic POWER PULSE REVERSE power supplies are designed to be robust, safe and durable in operation.

Features of pe Pulse-Reverse Power Supplies

Plating electronic GmbH (pe) has developed a pulse power supply to assist the PCB industry
in meeting its demands for greater efficiency and increased throughput of acid copper plating processes.

The versatile switch mode pe Power Supplies are capable of pulse as well as straight DC current. When operating in pulse mode, the system produces a perfect square pulse.

Key Features
Switchmode Technology
Complex waveforms
Ripple < 1% (relative to related DC value)
1 to 16 pulse steps, individual programmable
Forward and Reverse operation
Constant current regulation
Voltage monitoring
Start – Stop ramp
DC current after pulse sequence
External release contact
Short circuit and open circuit protected
Parameters individually adjustable, even during operation
Rectangular current wave shape

Applications of Pulse-Reverse Power Supplies

Electrodeposition and formation of coatings for catalytic chemical synthesis
Automotive, Aviation, Space
Laboratory Plating Lines
Printed Circuit Boards
Pulse Plating


Pulse-Reverse Rectifier
Output power: max 200 Watts
Effective and DC Current: max 10 Amps
Pulse Current: max 50 Amps
Effective Voltage: max 60 Volts
Cooling Air / Fan
W H D:  (mm) 450 x 150 x 450
Weight: 15 Kg

  • Other models available up to 224 kW

PE 8005

Remote Progammable Control unit
Controls from 1 – 16 Outputs
Complex waveforms – up to 16 steps
RS485 Bus Interface
(Optional Profibus, TCP/IP, Modbus)
Parameters individually adjustable during operation
Graphical visualization of set-values and real-time actual value curves

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