DC Rectifier - PE 5000 Series


Energy Efficient

The PE Series of DC Rectifiers by Plating Electronic are designed to meet the rising demands of Electroplating and Electrowinning processes. Their unique pe IGBT switch mode design technology, offers the highest level of efficiency with peak control accuracyand output ripple of less than 1% across most of the output range, which equates to better Metal distribution. Their ultra-compact design construction of their Rectifiers, in either water cooled or air cooled smoothes the way for new efficient system designs. All this makes Plating Electronic Rectifiers the first choice in surface finishing and electrochemical technologies.

Features of PE 5000 Series

Output Ripple less than 1%
Constant Current or Constant Voltage Control
Precise Current and Voltage Regulation
Fast response to AC Input & DC Output variations
Short circuit and open circuit proof
Lower Electricity Demand
Small foot print

Optional Extras

Ramp Function
Timer function for ON / OFF
Indication Alarms
Voltage / current alarm
Audible alarms
Amp hour / minute meter
– Totaliser with Presettable count

Applications of PE 5000 Series

Automatic Plating Lines
Cathodic Protection
Power Supply
Precious Metal Plating
Water Treatment

PE 5610

up to 90000 Watts (W)
up to 6000A max V=W/A
up to 600V max A=W/V
Cooling: Air / Fan
DC Busbar New design gives flexibility for connection
W H D (mm) 600 x 2200 x 600
Weight 300 Kg approx.

PE 5110

up to 100 kW
up to 5000A 15V
up to 1000V 80A
Cooling: Air / Fan
DC Busbar Protrude on top of cabinet
W H D (mm) 600 x 2200 x 600
Weight 300 Kg approx.

PE 5410-W

up to 110 kW
up to 5000A 22V
up to 1000V 100A
Cooling: Water
DC Busbar Protrude on rear of cabinet
W H D (mm) 400 x 2200 x 600
Weight 260 Kg approx.

PE 5910-W

up to 200 kW
up to 10000A 20V
up to 1000V 200A
Cooling: Water
DC Busbar New design gives flexibility for connection
W H D (mm) 600 x 2200 x 800
Weight 450-550 Kg approx.

PE 5910-W with Optional – REVERSER

Polarity changing integrated in rectifier
MOSFET technology replaces DC output diodes
Higher efficiency due to MOSFET technology
Control via digital interface
Polarity changing will be managed by the pe5910-W
– no need for additional turning Off

Compatible Control Unit

Programmable control unit to suit pe Rectifiers
Programmable control unit
Type: Remote / Flush Panel Mount
Display: Digital LCD 3 line
W H D (mm) 240 x 170 x 85
Weight 1.3 Kg approx.

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