One Phase Analogue / Digital Meters


Green Efficient

The Metered Variable Auto Transformer variac is a high efficiency portable bench top unit which provides continuously smooth adjustable AC Voltage from Zero to 270 Volts AC. They are an essential piece of Test Equipment for use in Laboratories, Colleges, Electrical Test Rooms and Industrial / Commercial premises.

Great for Testing and controlling of Electrical Apparatus

Capable of checking for possible High Fault Currents, by gradually increasing Volts from Zero upwards. Performing Under & Over Voltage tests.
Adjusting to standard 240 Volts AC Output if the Mains Input is too high or too low. Control of Motor Speed, Lighting and Temperature.
No waveshape distortion, No radio interference, No harmonics created.


Input: 230 / 240 VAC   50/60 Hz   10 Amp
Output: 0 – 260 / 270 VAC approx.  9 Amps max.
Output Sockets
Output Protective Circuit Breaker
Separate Earth Terminal
Input Fuse Protection
Double Pole ON – OFF Mains Input Switch with Indicator
Mains supply Australian standards Cord and Plug
Robust construction with carry handles

Analogue Output Voltmeter

Voltmeter: Moving Iron 0 – 300V FSD (min. scale 50 Volts) 62 X 35 mm
Australian 10A 3 pin outlet socket
Dim: H: 235 x W: (D) 295 x L: 205 (mm)
Weight: 13 Kg

Analogue Meters

Ammeter: Moving Iron 0 – 10 A FSD (min. scale 2 Amps) 72mm sq
Voltmeter: Moving Iron 0 – 300 V FSD (min. scale 30 Volts) 72mm sq
Australian 10A Output GPO and separate post terminals
Dim: H: 230 x W: (D) 340 x L: 260 (mm)
Weight: 15 Kg

Digital Meters

Ammeter: 3 Digit LED Display 00.0 1% +/- 1 Digit + shunt resistor accuracy
Voltmeter: 3 Digit LED Display 000 1% +/- 1 Digit
Australian 10A Output GPO and separate post terminals
Dim: H: 230 x W: (D) 340 x L: 260 (mm)
Weight: 15 Kg

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