Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd is firmly committed to privacy in accordance with the Privacy Amendment Act 2000.

Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd has created this Privacy Policy and Collection Statement in order to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy.

Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd is bound by the National Privacy Principles (‘NPPs’), which were introduced into the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (‘Privacy Act’) by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Please note that if at any time Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd is required by law to release information about you or your organisation, Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd must, and is obliged to cooperate fully under its legal duty.
This Privacy Policy does not apply to acts or practices of Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd that are directly related to employee records of current or former employees.

In summary, ‘personal information’ is information or an opinion relating to an individual, which can be used to identify that individual.

What sort of information does Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd collect and/or display?

We collect information in some of the following ways:

(a) We collect information when you engage with the organisation so that we may provide you with promotional information on our products.

(b) When someone sends us an e-mail, we collect information such as (but is not limited to): name, phone numbers and addresses, email addresses and other such related information to assist advertisers/companies generate new business and/or enhancing existing business relationships. So as to protect your information, every effort is made not to display publicly such information as ‘Who placed enquiries’ and ‘To whom enquiries were placed’.

Placing enquiries

When placing an enquiry or initiating communication, enquiries must be of a legal and lawful nature and must be in relation to the nature of business conducted by Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd.
Individuals may not use Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd communication facilities to solicit suppliers in relation to items which have not been requested.

Why does Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd collect the information and how is it used?

We collect the personal information to provide you with a specific service. For example, we may use the information you provide us to assist us in maintaining and enhancing existing business relationships;
Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd also uses the information to send relevant items of interest. If at any time you receive material that you did not request or do not want to receive such material any more, or if you have any questions about privacy related issues please contact Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd.

Who does Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd provide information to?

Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise supply to third parties any information obtained unless consented.

How will Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd keep your personal information secure?

Australian Rectifiers Pty Ltd takes reasonable steps and has security measures designed to protect against the loss, misuse and/or alteration of information.

We employ a number of means to protect information including:

(a) external and internal physical premises security;

(b) restricted access to customer information;

(c) maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access via networks (i.e. logical security), for example firewalls, password protection and data encryption;

(d) regular reviewing and testing of our technology in order to improve the level of security.

Additionally, we take reasonable steps when we no longer require this information and it is our practice to securely destroy/delete it from our systems or alternatively, store it secure.

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