The new Rectifiers are a highly efficient IGBT Switchmode pe design technology. This differs significantly to SCR – Thyristor Rectifiers which are less efficient and have a much poorer lower power factor (PF).

They operate 24 hours, 5 days a week and are fully automated using Profinet control from a PLC.
Incorporating this technology has helped Orrcon Steel significantly reduce the operator’s time and has thus reduced electricity demand, increasing global competitiveness.

They have been designed to meet the demands of the modern Electrochemical Industry. pe Switch Mode Technology is proven to be very reliable and the pe German design standard is considered
to be the most superior internationally.

The new pe Rectifiers have a very good power factor of a constant 0.95 and have a very low output ripple of less than 1% across most of the output range.
Power factor is an important consideration for purchasing new Rectifiers because when electrical equipment has a poor power factor, this will increase the electricity demand costs.

With the SCR-Thyristor Rectifiers, when the output voltage is reduced from the rated output, the
power factor changes lower to a much poorer power factor resulting in a higher electricity demand.

Australian Rectifiers have a highly trained local Sales, Service and support back up in Australia with over
30 Years of Rectifier know how.

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