Australian Rectifiers is celebrating 35 years as a proud Australian, independently owned company established in Melbourne. Along with our Partner manufacturing company Plating Electronic GmbH (pe) Germany, also founded in 1987.  We have grown to become a highly reputable and trusted company in the Electrochemical industry. 

Plating Electronic GmbH is one of the international technology leaders for research, development and innovation for linear digital controlled small compact Rectifiers, with their high quality unique superior design in switching mode Power Supply technology for electrochemical processes, including electroplating, anodising, electrowinning, electropolishing, electrolysis process, water treatment, electrolyser for green hydrogen production and many more applications.  

pe rectifiers range in size from 50A to over 10,000A with optional reverse polarity output.

Many features are available in the inbuilt or remote Control units which can include Amp Hour Meters, Timers, start Current Ramp control, programmable Amps / Volts timing profile, high/ low current/ voltage alarm warnings. They are easily installed and suit automated Lines with many Fieldbus Interfaces and Ethernet versions. 

For Electrical Safety and RFI, our rectifiers comply to CE and most equivalent Australian / NZ standards.

pe IGBT / Sic MOSFET switching mode technology and digital control of the rectifiers results in a very high control accuracy with very low output ripple of less than 1% across the output range of 2% to 100% equating to a more even deposit and a greater penetration into low current density areas.


pe5910-W-AFE – DC Power Supply with Active Front End (AFE) technology – optional.

Under certain circumstances, oscillation of the supply grid of high current power supplies can occur resulting in harmonics. Essential factors for the tendency to oscillate are the load conditions and parameters of the local electricity supply grid, mainly the impedance. There are practicable solutions available to prevent harmonics eg. installation of active filters or usage of Active Front End (AFE) technology in electrical systems.

pe5910-W-AFE – Rectifiers with inbuilt AFE technology behaves like a resistive load in the AC mains supply. This means a sinusoidal current drain from the mains, therefore no phase shift between current and voltage. Having a Sinusoidal current drain leads to a noticeable decrease of the resulting harmonics to below 3% of THD (total harmonic distortion) for Input voltage and current, simultaneously causing the Power Factor (PF) of these Power Supplies increasing from 0.95 to an excellent 1.00 unity PF.  A further positive benefit of this new technology is the reduction of the phase current and a lower transformer load.

Energy Savings

The pe5910-W-AFE power supply has a high energy efficiency of 90-96% resulting in lower electricity demand and reduction of operation costs. In addition, the excellent high power factor of approx 0.95 and with the AFE-technology of 1.0 PF leads to further energy savings due to reduction of reactive power and increased grid quality.  

Through investments in research, development, modern production and manufacturing technologies, use of state-of-the art components and continuous product improvement, plating electronic GmbH will continue to be the trend setter for Rectifiers / DC Power Supplies MADE IN GERMANY along with Australian Rectifiers for your local support.

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