40,000 Amp Rectifiers supplied to Orrcon Steel

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The new Rectifiers are a highly efficient IGBT Switchmode pe design technology. This differs significantly to SCR – Thyristor Rectifiers which are less efficient and have a much poorer lower power factor (PF). They operate 24 hours, 5 days a week and are fully automated using Profinet control from a PLC.Incorporating this technology has helped Orrcon…

AC Supply voltage ratings in Australia have been lowered

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The nominal mains input supply voltage in Australia in accordance with AS 60038 is now: 230 volts AC Single phase with a tolerance range of + 10% to – 6%400 volts AC Three phase with a tolerance range of + 10% to – 6% All Australian Rectifier’s electrical equipment, supplied to our customers complies with…

EMC Compliance “RCM” a mandatory requirement

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This regulatory compliance mark is a mandatory requirement for Australian EMC & Safety approval by ERAC for most electrical / electronic products sold that are manufactured in or imported into Australia. The purpose of this regulation is to minimise electromagnetic interference between electrical – electronic products which may diminish the performance of other electrical products…

Poor power factor represents higher electricity demand

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Most Electricity supply companies in Australia are now charging a KVA demand tariff in addition to KWH tariff, which could result in higher electricity charges for the customer. In addition, supply companies also prescribe by regulation minimum power factor levels for customer installations. KVA demand is directly related to the Power Factor of the electrical…

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